Public-private partnership: The STATE OF CAMEROON and BUSINESS FACILITIES CORPORATION S.A associate in the exploitation of mining quarries.

BFC S.A. announces the official signature of two major partnership contracts within the “Support for the Development of Mining Activities (CAPAM)” Programme.
The first concerns “the technical-financial collaboration in the implementation of the project for the installation and exploitation of weighbridges in artisanal and semi-mechanized artisanal quarries of aggregates and other non-concessible mineral substances” and the second is “relating to the exploitation and support to the formalized commercialization of sand”.
The opportunity for such collaboration lies in the appreciation of the dynamics of artisanal mining activity in the formal circuits of local or regional economies; through the production of quality statistics to be shared at the community level.
Thus, it is always an honour for BUSINESS FACILITIES CORPORATION S.A. to participate in the realisation of large-scale projects likely to contribute to the development of the Communities/Territories in order to transform any promising potential fully.



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