BFC WEIGHING operates in a context where the implementation of weighing solutions allowing the provision of real-time information is a real concern.

BFC WEIGHING is the field of activity of the BUSINESS FACILITIES CORPORATION S.A. group in charge of the weighing activity based on :

  • The development of weighing solutions
  • The implementation of solutions
  • Optimization of the solutions implemented.


Our processes require us to first define and control the impact of each project in order to provide a quality service that meets international standards.

For each project, we analyze the aspects that have an impact with the project. During this phase, studies are carried out to identify the parameters of :

  • Economic feasibility (market trends, related costs, positioning, etc.).
  • Organizational feasibility (organization chart, HR involved, workload, etc.)
  • Technical feasibility (constraints, technological choices, implementation process, etc.).
  • Market feasibility (competition, trends, positioning and marketing strategy)
  • Financial feasibility (discount rate, inflation, project income and expenditure, financing, assessment of profitability, etc.).
  • Environmental feasibility (environmental balance sheet of the site, actions to ensure environmental protection and regulatory compliance, environmental portrait of the project)
  • Impacts (social, environmental, economic).

Depending on the type of project to be implemented and the various constraints involved, the implementation will depend on the tools to be put into service. Our products are approved to international standards and QUALITY guarantees. Our product catalogue is available under :

  • Interactive terminals
  • Access control
  • Weighing software packages
  • Weight transmitters
  • Weighing indicators
  • Scales, scales
  • Dynamic weighing
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Sensors.

In order to guarantee the performance of our clients and the satisfaction of their market, permanent protocols for monitoring and updating the various infrastructures deployed are put in place. We work hard to provide you with effective support during the operational phase.

The international standardization of our products and processes allows our customers to focus on their core business with complete peace of mind. WE DO THE REST!

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