In charge of activities related to the mining sector, BFC MINING‘s objective is to strengthen the performance of economies through the development and implementation of safe mining solutions.

BFC MINING intends to be a major player in the mining sector and to be a considerable support for the development of African and international economies.

BFC MINING deploys itself by positively transforming economies while respecting the ecosystems in which it is deployed.



Our approach is based on an in-depth analysis of each project. Thus, we start from :

Preliminary identification of the project, the related constraints and its specificities. During this phase, studies are carried out to identify the parameters of :

  • Economic feasibility (market trends, related costs, positioning, etc.).
  • Organizational feasibility (organization chart, HR involved, workload, etc.).
  • Technical feasibility (constraints, technological choices, implementation process, etc.).
  • Market feasibility (competition, trends, positioning and marketing strategy)
  • Financial feasibility (discount rate, inflation, project income and expenditure, financing, assessment of profitability, etc.).
  • Environmental feasibility (environmental balance sheet of the site, actions to ensure environmental protection and regulatory compliance, environmental portrait of the project)
  • Impacts (social, environmental, economic).

Depending on the type of project to be implemented and the various constraints involved, the implementation will depend on the tools to be put into service. Our devices are approved to international standards and guaranteed QUALITY.

We thus deploy :

  • Mining drilling
  • Mining analysis
  • Geodetic networks
  • Topographic surveys
  • Topographic stations
  • Topographic Brigades
  • Preliminary studies
  • Accompaniment of mining organizations
  • Implementation of yield optimization processes.

Our modus operandi requires us to guarantee permanent monitoring of the solutions deployed. We work hard to continue to deliver the best solutions that enable you to meet the expectations of your market while complying with environmental standards.


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