BFC ENERGY is the field of activities of the BUSINESS FACILITIES CORPORATION S.A. group, focused on the implementation of energy solutions to solve the energy deficit challenges encountered. Industrialization in the African context is a real challenge that depends heavily on the supply of energy, whether fossil or renewable.  Depending on the constraints, we can assist you in the development, implementation, distribution and monitoring of your energy projects.



Every project has its particularity and its constraints. For you, we analyze all the elements that impact the implementation and smooth running of your projects. The solutions deployed, whether from fossil or renewable sources, fully meet the needs of the market while respecting the environment and safety standards.

Thus, from the studies we carry out, we take into account :

  • Economic feasibility (market trends, related costs, positioning, etc.).
  • Organizational feasibility (organization chart, HR involved, workload, etc.).
  • Technical feasibility (constraints, technological choices, implementation process, etc.).
  • Market feasibility (competition, trends, positioning and marketing strategy)
  • Financial feasibility (discount rate, inflation, project income and expenditure, financing, assessment of profitability, etc.).
  • Environmental feasibility (environmental balance sheet of the site, actions to ensure environmental protection and regulatory compliance, environmental portrait of the project)
  • Impacts (social, environmental, economic).

The implementation of energy projects leads us to adopt precise operating modes that depend on the desired power and environmental constraints. Depending on the particularities, we deploy :

  • Floating power plants (Powership)
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Photovoltaic power plants.

The aim is to deliver the solution best suited to the needs and monitoring of the installations.

The distribution networks that we set up for our energy projects are fully adapted to the context and meet quality and reliability standards.

The success of our projects depends on a permanent monitoring of the installations and distribution networks set up. We esupply.nsure the maintenance of the equipment in order to guarantee a quality service and a permanent energy

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