Business Facilities Corporation (BFC) through its Skills Builder brand, is seeking for a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Yaoundé – CAMEROON, an Executive Director, working under the authority of a Board of Directors (BOD), to be responsible for the effective and constant achievement of the organisation’s mission and financial objectives.

To this end, he (she) is responsible for :

Legal and regulatory compliance

o Ensuring that the organisation strictly complies with the texts, laws and regulations in force and its commitments ;

o Ensure, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, the implementation of the organisation’s values, missions, vision and objectives;

o Provide the Board of Directors with the tools it needs to monitor and evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of the organisation’s results;

o Keep the Board informed of the situation and the state of the organisation’s areas of intervention;

o Ensure that appropriate policies are in place to guide the organisation’s activities;

o Ensure that all legal and regulatory documents of the NGO are properly filed and archived.

Human Resources Management and General Administration

o Provide general supervision of all activities, manage the day-to-day operations of the organisation ;

o Ensuring the quality of Programmes and the stability of the organisation through the development and implementation of standards of controls, systems and procedures, and regular evaluation;

o Recruiting and dismissing all staff, both paid and volunteer;

o Validate the ToRs of missions, the regular organisation of performance appraisals and the implementation of human resources best practices;

o Ensure the establishment of an effective management team, with appropriate arrangements;

o Maintaining a good working climate and motivating a diverse and high quality staff.


o Work effectively with the Board to define their roles and responsibilities and help them to regularly assess their performance;

o Maintaining a good working climate with the Board to ensure that it carries out its functions effectively;

o Helping the Board to focus on strategic and far-reaching issues.


o Ensuring the financial soundness of the organisation through close collaboration with staff and the Board in the preparation and implementation of the organisation’s Annual Work Plans and Budgets (AWPs) ;

o Establish a reliable and rigorous system for reporting on the management of funds;

o Manage financial operations and make informed decisions in consultation with the Board;

o Oversee fiscal/budgetary activities and ensure adequate controls are in place;

o Develop new partnerships and develop and implement, in collaboration with the Board, an effective resource mobilisation programme to support the organisation’s projects;

o Presenting the annual budget and quarterly financial reports to the Board on time;

o Gather the Board’s input into financial planning and diversification activities.

Resource Mobilization and Philanthropy (Knowledge Management)

o Develop and maintain a diversified funding base ;

o Increase the visibility of the organisation through the development and implementation of a sustainable marketing campaign to stakeholders, targets and the general public;

o Provide leadership in the development of the AOS resource mobilisation plan;

o Implementing an effective resource mobilisation programme by fully assuming the responsibilities of a Head of Institutional Development ;

o Ensure the availability of materials and tools to support resource mobilisation;

o Assist the Board in ensuring resource mobilisation and philanthropy activities;

o Promote a culture of philanthropy, and ensure a donor-focused organisation that promotes a comprehensive programme based on strengthening relationships and partnerships;

o Actively participate in identifying and developing donor visions and perspectives.

Strengthening collaborations (advocacy/partnerships)

o Identify the key collaborations needed to support an effective organisation ;

o Ensuring the design, planning of communication strategies and partnership development;

o Represent the organisation at all appropriate public events or meetings;

o Establish and maintain contacts with key people in the public and private sectors ;

o Facilitate the integration of the organisation into the mainstream of the community ;

o Act as an advocacy actor, in the public and private sectors, on relevant issues;

o Involve targets, volunteers, donors and the community to improve services;

o Keep the community aware and informed about the organisation’s response to their needs;

o Serve as a key spokesperson for the organisation and act as an advocate on issues relevant to the organisation;

o Work with legislators, regulators, public and private sector representatives to promote appropriate legislative and regulatory policies.

  1. Leadership

o Demonstrate initiative and creativity in identifying and addressing strategic issues ;

o Effectively manage continuity, change and transition;

o Define and achieve clear and measurable objectives and reasonable timeframes (SMART);

o Manage relevant and difficult situations while implementing effective interventions;

o Consistently display integrity and model the values of the organisation.

  1. Key Qualifications

o Proven leadership skills, developed over several years in management positions ;

o At least a degree in Public Health, Business Management and Administration, Social Sciences, Project Management or any other Master II degree in related fields;

o At least 10 years of overall professional experience, ideally 05 years in programmatic and financial management of multi-donor Projects & Programmes;

o At least 40 years of age at the time of publication;

o Have experience in managing a large and diversified budget;

o Excellent organisational, administrative, interpersonal, marketing and personnel management skills;

o Ability to, manage conflict, encourage teamwork and collaboration, inspire and motivate staff;

o Excellent written and oral communication skills, strong presentation skills for all types of documents;

o Understanding of not-for-profit activities and experience of working with Boards of Directors,

o To have a facility for collaboration with culturally and politically diverse stakeholders ;

o Be visionary, trustworthy, honest, diplomatic, understanding and innovative with a high level of dynamism;

o Ability in resource mobilisation and partnership development, with knowledge, capacity and success in attracting donors and grants, including individual donors ;

o Ability to increase the visibility of the organisation through successful advocacy;

o Excellent analytical skills, multicultural sensitivity, political and legislative acumen ;

o Be dynamic and proactive;

o Master the Office Pack (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access), knowledge of other software is an asset;

o Be bilingual (French / English).

  1. Composition of the file

o A covering letter and a detailed CV with reference persons ;

o A certified photocopy of the required diploma;

o A photocopy of the National Identity Card (CNI);

o Certificates or Attestations of Services justifying experience, qualifications, skills and knowledge.

o An Extract from the Criminal Record that is less than three months old.

  1. Submission of application

Applications must be sent until 10 January 2021 (deadline) to the following address: recruitment@bfclimited.com

The subject should be marked: “Application for the position of : Executive Director / Executive Director”.

Contacts for information : 697 399 540 / 658 342 285


Female applications are strongly encouraged and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Head Office - Douala
Yaounde Agency
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